Amor y Love with La Santa Cecilia

Latino vida happy songs with La Santa Cecilia, check their latest album!

Diversity! Apple pie and tacos.

Mexican origin? L.A. origin? English? But also Spanish? How about Spanglish? Oh, esos puentes de ida y vuelta que nos llevan de los tacos al apple pie. Like La Marisoul once said “And whether people like it or not, we are as American as apple pie and tacos.” Check their latest album, listen to their lyrics, enjoy how beautifully La Santa Cecilia sings Latino vida happy songs.

If there’s Mexican blood in you, more than 10,000 years of heritage dress your soul—pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations, Colonial Mexico, Mexican-American culture. Vistes ese arreglo infinito de historia rica, de tradiciones, de alas para volar. 

The more you own your ancestry, the higher you’ll fly. Believe me, the more you own your ancestry, volarás más alto.

The more you own your ancestry, ¡volarás más lejos y más alto!

Vive tu vida latina al máximo

Some of those gentes that own and celebrate their heritage are Marisol “La Marisoul” Hernandez, Jose “Pepe” Carlos, Miguel “Oso” Ramirez, and Alex Bendaña: La Santa Cecilia band. The lady that said “And whether people like it or not, we are as American as apple pie and tacos.”, is the songstress, the voice of this delicious English, Spanish, Spanglish band.

Southern California is La Santa Cecilia’s home, more exactly Los Angeles. At Olvera Street they started as a trio, and eventually became La Santa Cecilia—a band that is a mix of rock, soul, jazz, cumbia, rumba, and bolero. A mix of Mexico and the U.S., a bicultural, a Mexican-American band. 

American music with Mexican heritage

La Santa Cecilia has released seven wonderful CDs so far. Each one of them it’s a powerful flow of Latino emotions, in English and Spanish. If there’s something that these musicians have accomplished, is the expression of la vida Latina in the U.S., including its headaches and heartbreaks, with love and hope, and happy songs.

Their music it’s not strictly Mexican music, even though some songs are Mexican. Their music is a continuous stream of life evolving, crossing borders, haciendo puentes. It is American music with Mexican heritage. 

La Santa Cecilia celebrates our Hispanic identity in the place we belong, the U.S. And still connect us to our Mexican culture, in a very powerful way, because this connection propels us to the future. Es una música que nos hace ir a nuestra raíz para nutrirnos de ella, y luego nos impulsa a alzar el vuelo.

I invite you to enjoy the LA band latest vinyl: La Santa Cecilia. Yes! This one is all in English. It includes the tracks “Always Together”, “A Thousand Times”, and my favorite—“Winning”. Features a duet with the California Feetwarmers band on “Nobody Knows When You’re Down And Out” track. You can listen to the songs on their site:

Para el amor y el love

But La Santa Cecilia pulsates throughout in Spanish also. Amar Y Vivir is one of their Spanish albums. Here, you’ll find some of the most “ardidos” Mexican songs like “Leña de pirul”, “Ingrata” y “En el último trago”. This CD can take us back to our childhood. Well, that happened to me. You’ll also love their interpretation of “Mexico Americano”. 

In 2014, the band won the Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album, with their full-length studio album “Treinta Días”. This album is my go-to music, when I want to enjoy those roots with alas, with songs that make me happy. Very simple, La Santa Cecilia sings con toda su alma Latino vida happy songs.

Wherever you are, if you miss everything Southern California or Texas, close to the border, this Latino band it’s your fix. They are what an L.A. band should be, diversity to its core.

Life and vida in our barrios

Their song “El Hielo” is a statement of how political aware they are. They show their most deep emotions about immigration not in a preachy way, but in a “day to day way”, how our barrios experience it. It is a tremendous band, with a unique sound and personality that celebrates la vida! Let us celebrate our vida latina with La Santa Cecilia.

P.S. When we cross bridges, we leave behind creencias que ya no nos sirven. “El Chicle” es una canción de la banda hispana, que toca este tema de las creencias que nos estorban en el camino. Creencias que ya no vamos a cargar, pues pensar es más verdadero.

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